Science Level C Teacher Guidebook
Science Level C Teacher Guidebook
Science Level C Teacher Guidebook

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Science Level C Teacher Guidebook

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Recommended for Grade 3. 240 pages.

The Level C Teacher Guidebook contains detailed 4-pages lesson plans for 36 weeks of multi-day instruction.

Lessons are designed to model the way scientific study works in college laboratory classes and beyond. The week begins with the teacher guiding students through a hands-on activity that introduces a fundamental scientific principle, with detailed instructions provided for each weekly activity. Questions and suggested answers are provided to assist students in recording and analyzing their findings. 

Each lesson plan includes a "Teacher To Teacher" section with facts and insights to help engage the student's attention, and extended teaching activities to build upon and reinforce the principle being taught each week.

A multiple-choice assessment quiz is included for each lesson, to allow each student to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and help aid his/her long-term retention.

Lessons 1-9: Life Science
Lessons 10-18: Physical Science - Forces
Lessons 19-27: Earth Science
Lessons 28-36: Physical Science - Energy & Matter

Concepts studied include:  seed dispersal, skeletal system, nervous system, Newtons Laws, sounds waves, states of matter, and more. A full list of lessons is available in the Level C Scope & Sequence.

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This Teacher Guidebook is 100% recyclable.