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Science Camp Science Pack: Light Explorer

A Reason for Science Camp: Light Explorer is a great way to reinforce STEM learning while keeping kids entertained! This engaging 6-lesson course teaches fundamental scientific concepts through hands-on activities focused on waves, light, reflection, ultraviolet light, eye structure, and lenses.

The student science journal introduces young ones to the basic steps of the Scientific Method. There is a focus, objective, and overview of each experiment, step-by-step instructions with illustrations, an explanation of what happened and room for the student to add vocabulary words, "What We Learned" questions that help students think through each step of the experiment, a conclusion, and a closing "Food for Thought" exercise that ties the entire lesson to Scripture.

The leader guidebook gives detailed plans to students through each section in their journal. Helpful additional information is included for each lesson, along with extension ideas and suggested answers to questions from the student journal.

Included in the materials kit are most of the supplies you'll need (excluding a few common household items) packaged in a sturdy, latching plastic tub.

This kit includes:

  • Science Camp: Light Explorer student journal, 89 pgs., spiralbound
  • Science Camp: Light Explorer leader guidebook, 29 pgs., paperback
  • Materials kit with most items needed to conduct 6 experiments.

Adaptable to many ages. Additional student journals are available for purchase separately.

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