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Favorite Subject!

What a wonderful program! The students really enjoyed the hands-on projects, connections to the real world. Science quickly became their favorite subject!

—J. Francisco, Teacher, N. Carolina

Least Expensive and Impressive!

…yours was the least expensive but most impressive Science curriculum reviewed…teachers are thrilled…students are excited for the first time…                       

—William M., Principal, Texas

Scripturally Right On Target!

I am a 6th-grade teacher. We started using your Science curriculum this year and…the kids and I absolutely love it!  The Scripture tie-ins are right on target.       

—E. Brown, Teacher, New Mexico

Beautifully Illustrated!

…it’s the most beautifully illustrated series I’ve ever seen. Most of my teaching experience was in public schools and we never had anything approach this quality for Guided Reading materials.

—Susan M., Teacher, Maryland

“Major Complaint”

I have one “major complaint” with your (Guided Reading) books—now my kids don’t want to read any other reading titles…Seriously, my students are begging me to take them home. Thank you for creating such an excellent series.

—E. Wilson, Teacher, Florida

Wonderful Progress

…I am so glad we found this. My daughter WAS a struggling speller. We switched to A Reason For Spelling® and she loves it. No complaints and wonderful progress in her spelling. Thanks so much!

—Stacy T., Mother, Mississippi

Scriptures Permeate

I was immediately impressed with the wide variety of ways to reinforce the words and best of all, the Scripture Values that permeate the lessons! With A Reason For Spelling® the creativity was done for me! I believe it is one of the best programs ever…I’m looking forward to also using A Reason for Handwriting®.

—Judi R., Teacher, Pennsylvania

Why We Pay Tuition!

What a beautiful way to share God’s Word! Now this is why we pay tuition…Handwriting has become a blessing to my children and those adults who have received the Sharing Sheets.

— Cheryl L., Parent, Washington

Most Fun of the Day!

I used to hate handwriting but now it’s my most fun class of the day!

— Clayton C., Student, Oklahoma